Kate Stevens encourages anyone who has questions about the stories to contact her. She is happy to have others tell any of these stories, with the exception of "Where I Live" which she, of course, regards as particularly her own. She does not require requests for permission for telling the stories in performance but does require requests, in writing, when performances are to be videotaped, recorded or reproduced in any other way. Her address is: 2115 Lorne Terrace, Victoria, B.C., V8S 2H9; phone: (250) 592 1352 email: katestevens@storysave.ca

Kate requests that, with each telling, an acknowledgement in a form similar to the following be made: "This story is adapted from Kate Stevens' translated reworking." She wishes to have the genre of the original (e.g. clappertale) mentioned where appropriate and the name of the creator/performer (e.g. Pu Songling). The final statement might read: "This story is adapted from Kate Stevens' translated reworking of a story in the ______ genre as told/performed by _________."

Kate hopes that tellers will respect the cultural integrity of the story while making the tale their own. She discourages attempts to memorize.

Kate's Permission For Use refers to tellings of the stories only. For further information regarding rights, permissions and reproduction in other forms see Copyright.