Story Sources

Figures In A Landscape is part of Joan’s performance of Tales Of The Winter Hag recorded live at the National Library of Canada on November 30, 1989 and made available on CD as part of StorySave’s work. Buy the CD

Figures In A Landscape is based on research in The Silbury Treasure: The Great Goddess Rediscovered by Michael Dames (1976) and The Avebury Cycle by Michael Dames (1977).


The chapter from Joan’s book, The Crack In The Teacup. The Life Of An Old Woman Steeped in Stories (published by McClelland & Stewart, 2000) is copyrighted by Joan Bodger and reprinted with permission.

Thanks is expressed to the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library for use of photos, as credited,  for the picture of Joan with her staff used in the opening collage and for the photo of her sitting on a log used in the collage for Figures In A Landscape. The Osborne Collection houses Joan’s papers as archival material for further research.  The photo of Joan on the log was taken by Fiona Christie on December 30, 1998 at Wimble Toot, near Glastonbury, England.

The photo of the founders of the Storytellers School of Toronto was donated by Lorne Brown.

The photos of Joan discoursing in the field and of her on her last visit to England were taken by Ken Setterington who acted as her co-guide on many of her Arthur’s Britain  tours.  Ken is also responsible for the images of the landscape used in collages.