Joan on one of her tours of Arthur's Britain.
From the beginning, we knew that Joan Bodger was a StorySave “must have.” For a while, it seemed as if the fates were against us, for Joan became sick with cancer before the recording could be begun.

StorySave is like everything else, however. It has its miracles. As you will see from her bio, Joan wished to die by the sea. On the day before she was to leave her Toronto home, a tape was discovered – a recording of a program which she had performed at the National Library of Canada in 1989.

The program is entitled Tales of the Winter Hag. Those of us who are familiar with her work know that this concert -- with its elegant interweaving of the traditional, the personal and the contemporary -- is wonderfully representative of Joan’s storytelling life.

On the StorySave CD we offer Tales of the Winter Hag in its entirety. The program includes the story of Sir Gawain and the loathly lady, which was one of Joan’s signature pieces. You will also find powerful stories about Joan’s life as an old woman.

Through the website, we bring you Figures in a Landscape – a conjuring of Joan’s vision of the sacredness made visible upon the earth through ancient ways.

Joan’s place in StorySave remains somewhat different from that of the other tellers, because we were not able to record a range of her stories or more of her thoughts. Of course, we regret this.

But, what we have we cherish. We are glad to ensure that Joan’s voice may still be heard.

Jan Andrews